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Dr. Jennifer Byrd performs a wide range of surgeries both routine and orthopedic. Weekly, we perform numerous spays, neuters, and dentals. General surgeries include growth removals, diaphragmatic repairs, wound repair, and some cosmetic reconstruction. Dr. Byrd also performs more complicated surgeries including fracture repair with the  aid of stainless steel pins, ligament repairs (such as ACL repairs), and  also amputation, the surgical removal of a limb or body part to remove diseased tissue and relieve pain. Bones, tendons, muscles, and joints can all be addressed to erase the effects of traumatic injuries.

We make sure that our clients are informed and our patients well cared for. Our main surgery days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Let us know your situation, and we can work with your schedule. Check-in time is between 7:30-9:00 AM, and pick up can be as late as 5:15. If your pet has had non-routine surgery, we will schedule a pick-up time to ensure you receive all necessary information pertaining to your pet’s follow-up care.

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New clients receive $15 OFF first vet office visit.

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