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 Kris Phillips

I moved to Chapel Hill in August 2014 with my husband Dave.  We are both retired from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, in California, each completing over 20 years on the streets.  We brought with us 4 horses and 4 Rottweilers…the loves of my life. This past January, my son, his wife, and their son moved out to join us.

I have always had a passion for animals of all kinds.  I grew up with the varied assortment of dogs, cats, birds, rats, and reptiles.  Then, I got horses!!!  I found that my love of horses transferred easily to my career in law enforcement.  I was a member of Mounted Search and Rescue and Mounted Enforcement. 

During this time as a Deputy Sheriff I pursued my desire to work with dogs, in particular Rottweilers.  I had seen a couple of Rottweilers in a movie (The Omen, go figure...) and fell in LOVE!    After much study (which I recommended for all owners with any breed), I determined that I would be a good fit with Rotties. I obtained my first through a co-worker.  Okay, she was the best dog ever! I found that these dogs are so intelligent, willing, and strong willed that they will make you earn their respect. With this intelligence, you can explain it once or twice, and they will have it!

With working in law enforcement you have to read behavior and hidden signals as it is the difference between life and death.  This is also true in dealing with animals.  I have made it a personal mission to learn all I can and continue passing these observations and practices on to others.

I currently have the four Rotties; Tatum, Tilly, Tess and Finn.  Tatum and Tilly have AKC Good Citizen Certification, and Tess is on her way.  Finn is a work in progress….

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